The Trinity Male Spirituality Support Group (Men’s Group) meets monthly on the second Saturday of each month at Trinity Episcopal Church in Lexington, MI. This regular gathering is to provide encouragement and gentle accountability for men that desire to develop practices that nurture a deeper spiritual life manifesting in loving action. The Trinity Men’s Group is affiliated with Illuman, a national men’s spirituality movement that promotes “a contemplative way of listening and speaking to others”.[1]

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The Trinity Men’s Group meetings encourage participants to: 1) listen deeply, 2) avoid crosstalk or interrupting the speaker, 3) speak honestly from the heart, 4) speak succinctly, 5) speak spontaneously and avoid rehearsing, 6) treat everyone as peers, and 7) seek a collective truth—more than any individual truth. There is also the expectation that what is shared in the context of the group is confidential and not to be shared outside of group meetings.

We encourage practices and spiritual disciplines within each of the following “Touchstone”[2] areas to nurture a deeper connection to God, nature, and one another:

1.    Centering - we are men grounded in the power of the here and now.

2.    Gathering - we are men who listen deeply to each other’s stories.

3.    Connecting - we are men who choose another to walk with—shoulder to shoulder.

4.    Releasing - we are men who let go of the ways that no longer serve us.

5.    Serving - we are men who honor the earth and serve the whole human community.

6.    Gratitude - we are men filled with gratitude for life.

While most who participate in our meetings are Christians committed to the way and teachings of Jesus, our meetings are open to all men who seek a deeper spiritual life and wish to share their lives with other men who are on a journey of continued growth and illumination.

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